World War Z – Promo Videos Released

Em 2012 fui o coordenador de produção de um projeto muito bacana. Foi uma série de vídeos que fizemos para promover o filme WORLD WAR Z estrelado por Brad Pitt.
Foi uma super produção com mais de 40 profissionais, 30 figurantes, efeitos especiais como explosão, chuva, fumaça, stunts, cenas feitas de um helicóptero, próteses humanas de dentes sendo arrancados, braços sendo quebrados, enfim uma parafernália de coisas, pessoas, locações, pós produção e logística.

Chino & Nacho – Sin Ti

This month of October 2012 I was fortunate enough to work in this amazing music video called Sin Ti, by the talented group Chino and Nacho.
Carlos Osorio, producer, brought me to this project where I was the Line producer and Production Manager.
I was responsible for hiring all the cast and crew, renting equipment, getting the location, and managing the shoot and wrap.

This project was the most intricate and rewarding that I’ve done since I am here in Hollywood.
We shot at the Disney Golden Oaks Ranch, in Santa Clarita. We had the Arri alexa, JL Fisher dolly, Techno crane, cooke lenses, 45 extras, 5 ton grip truck, 500 amps generator, 2 water trucks, 1 sports car, 1 full size production trailer, 1 catering bus, 1 picture bus, and about 120 cast and crew.
Everything was shot in one 18 hours day.
It took me 2 weeks to work the budget and one week to contract EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING.

Please watch the final product here.

Please watch a 3 part behind the scenes here (all BTS images by Daniel Lupo).

Thank you.

Lost Soul

My friend Nathaniel Nose called me one day asking if I could be a grip for the production company he was working for. Well, I am not the grip type, but I needed an extra cash so I decided to go to the interview in his office. At the interview I realize that they were in need of a production team as well. So I ended up getting hired as 1st AD. I brought my friend ML Wills and Jack Brungardt to work with me. ML was the 2nd AD for 2 days and Jack was the 2nd 2nd.We had a production manager called Jaydine Valencia and we also had a producer called Cyril O’Reily.

The production office was located in west Hollywood inside of a building complex. The owner of this company is called Dana Schroeder and he is also the owner of the building. He is a very nice guy who is starting his career in filmmaking. He has a lot of gear that helped us in the making of this picture. The film is called Lost Soul and stars Dave Vescio, Nick Mancuso and Zadran Wali. It is a psychological thriller where Dave’s character Donald is searching for love using dark magic.  I was hired to do the additional photography for the film that was shot in 2009.

The dp was Pierre Chemaly. We worked together a couple of times before. I also brought Amor Sanchez as the costume designer and Kevin O’Farrell as sound guy. My friend Felipe Borges also helped us one day as an actor. He is my buddy from Brazil and we worked in a lot of projects together.

We shot everything is 4 days at the production office. The last day we had a company move to Hollywood Hills in a Mansion overlooking Los Angeles. It was really cool that night, because the place was amazing, we had a lot of extras, there were a fire going to warm everybody, we had implied nudity in one of the takes, and we got everything we needed, and we wrapped early.

At the production office the hardest part was working with cats. We had to do a couple of scenes with cats jumping the camera, running down the corridor, and being held by the actor. The good part was that the building was filled with cats. I mean, there were at least 20 cats laying around the building. The bad part was getting these cats. We had to come up with a strategy where we had a holding area for the cats, and we would lock all the exits where the cats could leave from. This way the cats had always one path going one way. At the end of the path, we would have a couple of PA to get the cats back and bring to the holding area. Even with this strategy, we had a very hard time dealing with the animals. My suggestion to anyone is to hire a professional animal handler because it will avoid  being scratched all over your body.


American film market is one of the biggest film markets in the world.

It is a good place to meet people from all over the place and make especially business connections.

My first impression of the AFM was like this:

It takes place in a beach front 5 star hotel reserved for production companies to sell their films. Each room is a company that has different titles. If some one has a green badge means that this person is a buyer. Purple badge means production company, Red/orange means industry professional and no badge means loser.

If you have a purple you want to talk to green badges and eventually red/orange badges. You don’t want to spend a second with purple and definitively no badges. People with no badges can be annoying. We learned not to trust a buyer that doesn’t have a badge, because badges are expensive. A minimum of $500for a buyers badge.

There is also a distinct status according to the floor that a production company is located. If the company is bellow the 5th floor, their status is not as good as someone who is in the 5th up. The 2nd and 3rd floor are called The Dungeon. They are cheaper and usually the production companies that are there are lower budget. There are a lot of Asian companies in the dungeon, but the quality of their posters and the content of their actions films are not as bad as expected from companies that are in theses floors. The 4th floor is where the lobby and the no badges are. It’s a chaos to stay there. Buyers don’t usually talk to people over there because they suffer a lot of hassle. It’s a waste of time to try to network at the lobby. There are companies in the lobby too, but their budgets are not very high as the ones on the 5th floor up.


The 5th floor is a better floor, even with part of it opened to the public where you can find no-badges there as well. The 6th floor is the beginning of the respect. That’s where I was working on. It costs a lot of money to rent a room in the 6th floor. The company that I worked for spent about 30k.


The 7th floor is way better and the 8th floor is where the big boys are. Lionsgate, Weisntein, and other are located in the 8th floor. They don’t even look at your face if you are not a buyer. They have the presidential suites and they treat a production company like a filthy dog. “There is no leftover for you here. Go away!”


Overall it is a place where business is made. Even with those notions of social separation, AFM is nothing more than an open fair. When I was younger, I used to go with my father to the open market to buy groceries. The simple elements of the open market on the Brazilian streets I saw at the AFM. The banana vendor needed to make noise, scream sometimes, and loudly reinforce that he had a better deal with a better product then his fellow, and sometimes quieter, next-door seller.

Fist of Gold

I put together a video for a non profit organization based in Pomona California.
They provide kids with boxing classes and support for competition. Their work is amazing and the Head Coach/Director Jorge Castaneda and his right hand man Jerry are really cool and down to earth guys.

We shot one of the scene of the film Last Act in their gym and they helped us not only with the space but also with a lot of extras. The day we shot in their facility was definitely one of the best days of the production. The person in the production who helped us to get all this done, was the fantastic Coco Cook.

Please take a look at the video below.

Thank you

Thanksgiving nightmare

Today I was supposed to travel to Atlanta to visit my sister, my brother in law, nephew, and my lovely girl, and guess what??? I missed the flight. Now I have to be on stand by for the next one that leaves 8 hours later of my initial flight. I am so stressed with this that I decided to write about it. This vacation to me represents a lot of really important things in my life. I will have to set my mind in order to start the feature, finish my school work, and give a step forward towards my relationship with my girl.
I think that I am expecting so much from this trip that I forgot to focus on simple tasks like be on time. This morning I woke up late and instead of getting myself ready, I looked over the internet to find good deals on cameras that I wont buy for now. I mean I was checking if the HPX500, that uses interchangeable lenses with a bayonet mount, works fine with a prime cannon lenses with the same mount. I was doing all of this with no reason because I wont buy an HPX specially because they start at a list price of 10 thousand dollars. The lenses goes for at least 2 thousand dollars more. That is actually a very neat subject, but what the hell was I doing if I had to take a flight in 3 hours from that time.
I left my house one hour and a half before the flight. The train was departing when I hit the station and that made me lost 15 more minutes. I got to the station where I was supposed to get into another train and I decided to get a cab that cost me 40 bucks. I went to the Airtran counter and there was nobody there, I tried to pass the security with my bags and they did not allowed me to. I tried another way and finally I passed the security. My flight was for 12:55 and I got at the gate at 12:54. The attendant told me that the plane had already gone. I was actually not devastated because you reap what you sow.
Now I am back home and I still have a plane to catch but this time I wont be late.