Chino & Nacho – Sin Ti

This month of October 2012 I was fortunate enough to work in this amazing music video called Sin Ti, by the talented group Chino and Nacho.
Carlos Osorio, producer, brought me to this project where I was the Line producer and Production Manager.
I was responsible for hiring all the cast and crew, renting equipment, getting the location, and managing the shoot and wrap.

This project was the most intricate and rewarding that I’ve done since I am here in Hollywood.
We shot at the Disney Golden Oaks Ranch, in Santa Clarita. We had the Arri alexa, JL Fisher dolly, Techno crane, cooke lenses, 45 extras, 5 ton grip truck, 500 amps generator, 2 water trucks, 1 sports car, 1 full size production trailer, 1 catering bus, 1 picture bus, and about 120 cast and crew.
Everything was shot in one 18 hours day.
It took me 2 weeks to work the budget and one week to contract EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING.

Please watch the final product here.

Please watch a 3 part behind the scenes here (all BTS images by Daniel Lupo).

Thank you.

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