LABRFF and Positive

Well, that was my first film festival. I was very anxious and nervous. I did not know what to expect. Showing a film to an audience is like driving your son for the first day at school (I don’t have a kid, but I can imagine). You know that from that point on, he will be susceptible for everything that the world has to offer. Love, doubts, passion, criticism, encouragement, fear, laughter, jealousy… Like a human being, your film is now part of the world. Now your son will have a life of his own. If you devote yourself as a good father, don’t worry, your son will be a great man.

The festival was a hundred times better this year than the previous editions. The line up of films, the amount of professionals and networking, the food, the party, the friends… Everything had a taste of pleasure that was remarkably better.

I was kind of sad because my film was shown on a different aspect ratio than the original version, and also the bad encoding of the film, made the image looks terribly overexposed. That threw me off a little bit. I could not enjoy as much as I could. But even with these problems, the audience reaction was good. They laughed at the right moments, and payed attention at the right moments too.

A film critic said that “the film was genius, because of the concept use of what is positive.” That made my day. I had a producer friend of mine impressed with the acting and wanted to know how I could manage to get the actors at that level of commitment.

Because of this film, I got a lot of other jobs, I made amazing contacts, and I could establish good relationships.

Thank you
Mario Amadeu

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