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I was fortunate enough to work with the amazing director Ryan Bosworth in 2 great projects as first AD. Ryan is a commercial director that sometimes works on post, and sometimes works for Pistolera (a post production house based in Santa Monica). He has done tons of work in the commercial advertising business and now he is devoting some of his free time to side projects. Because of his background, Ryan is very good with visuals and he can be very organized when it comes down to what he wants to see in the picture.

The first project was called Followers. It is a thriller short film where an internet group is doing some very creepy on line services. We scheduled to shoot in 2 days an 11 page script. We had a very concise and thought out story board and amazing cast.

The whole crew/casting was Jack Brungardt as 2nd AD and sound, one gaffer, one best boy and 4 actors. On the first day we had a company move, with a total of 7 sets. The second day we didn’t have a company move, but we had 5 sets. We got everything we need and wrapped early on both days.

I watched a pre cut of this short film and looks and feels incredible. The story is catchy, the visuals are strong, the acting is spot on, and the scoring is powerful. We shot this project with a hacked GH2.

The second project was a little bit more audacious. We had a more experienced camera crew, we used the RED camera, we had a 1 ton grip truck, we had impressive casting, and we had harder camera set ups. For the second project Ryan hired 2 producers to take care of locations, insurance, craft/catering, and contracts. The crew also had a competent Make up person called David Charles, and also a wardrobe department lead by Terra Brody and Jackie Fanara. The DP was Tristan Whitman, and he brought his crew mattes Iggy, Hillary, Igor, and Tally. We also had help of Jessica Brody who was doing the behind the scenes and Oscar Arvizu as AC.

Both projects were written by Jennifer Bosworth, Ryan’s wife. The second project was called Struck and it was a trailer for the upcoming book of the same name that Jeniffer is releasing at the end of 2011. This trailer will serve for two purposes: One is selling the book and another is selling the film idea to studios that are already interested in buying the rights of the book.

I used scenechronize on line service to manage the schedule on both projects.

As soon as I know more about the book and trailer release I will post something here.

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