Documentary Slot Car Racing

I spent 2 months in Brazil including 2011 Christmas and New Year’s Eve. When I returned it was time to get back to work and find new gigs. I bought a 7D and started to look for gigs in the camera department as well.

One of the gigs that I got was with the filmmaker Christian Stoehr. He hired me to work as a second camera for his upcoming documentary about slot car racing. Slot car racing is a fun activity that was huge in the 60’s. In Brazil slot car racing had some presence as well. It was easy to find a friend that owned a “pista de autorama”, which in English means race track.

Back in the 60’s, California was one of the centers for Slot car Racing. There were so many tracks, that one could easily go from neighborhood to neighborhood finding new places to race and never go to the same place twice. There were also national and international tournaments, with sponsors and fans. The industry of slot car would make as much as 500 million a year back in the days. Then in the beginning of 70’s Slot car racing started to decline and today only a few tracks are still remaining.

The track we shot the documentary was in Buena Park. Over there we could meet the racers that were huge in the 60’s. They come from all over the place and meet every weekend to participate in races. They are aficionados about the hobby and are true masters when it comes down to the history of it. It was fun to spend a day there, working with this filmmaker, and getting to know a little bit about a world that I wouldn’t otherwise.

Check out some footage from this day.

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