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  • April Apocalipse

    This month of September 2011 I was hired to work as 2nd 2nd AD in a feature film called April Apocalypse. I can start by saying that it was one of my best production experiences since I am here in Hollywood. I work most of the time as 1st AD for gigs that I get, […]

  • Rosa Morena

    Neste Domingo dia 5 de junho fui assistir ao filme Rosa Morena que estava sendo exibido no Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival. A minha irmã Miriam Amadeu participou deste filme com uma personagem fantástica. O filme trata-se da história de um Dinamarquês, Thomas (Anders W. Berthelsen), que vai para o Brasil tentar adotar uma criança. Pelo […]

  • Single chip camera evaluation – Cine Gear Expo

    Bob Primes, ASC produced a documentary that evaluates the new wave of single large chip cameras. This documentary was showed at the Paramount theaters during the Cine Gear Expo of 2011. Bob Primes, Image Quality Geeks I was there for the screening and also could watch a Q&A with the producer Bob, cinematographer Stephen Lighthill, […]

  • Side by side comparison – AF100, FS100, F3, 5D

    The new wave of large chip cameras Hello all, The fast explosion of DSLR shooting speed it up the development of large chip camcorders. Today the major video camcorder manufacturers are fighting for the best large chip cameras. There are 2 options in the market for the prosumer level and one option for the entry […]

  • Kevin Costner

    This month of October I did an interview with Kevin Costner. It was amazing! I was having breakfast with my wife and we were talking about destiny and positive thinking. My phone rang and it was a production coordinator from Globo (a major TV network in Brazil). She asked me if I could do an […]

  • Fist of Gold

    I put together a video for a non profit organization based in Pomona California. They provide kids with boxing classes and support for competition. Their work is amazing and the Head Coach/Director Jorge Castaneda and his right hand man Jerry are really cool and down to earth guys. We shot one of the scene of […]


    I finally got a perfect working version of my HACKINTOSH system. It took me a couple of months but I could get my PC to run a Mac OS with a working Final cut 7, plus Color 1.5. The way that I did was first getting the right components. The motherboard that I bought was […]


    In this post there are a series of various collages inspired on distinct themes and each one with a unique emphasis. Le me know what you think. Thanks.   “What we are made of?” Inspiration: YouTube, everyday life. Emphasis: Color Feb 2010. “Deep Balance” Inspiration: Sid, the science kid-PBS. Emphasis: Lines March 2010 “Nothing News” […]

  • Chicago Video Clip