I finally got a perfect working version of my HACKINTOSH system. It took me a couple of months but I could get my PC to run a Mac OS with a working Final cut 7, plus Color 1.5.

The way that I did was first getting the right components. The motherboard that I bought was the Gigabyte UD5, processor Intel i7, and Gskill 6gb memory. The next step was to set up my bios, and download the correct software that does the installation. In my case I used the Kakewalk 2.2. It’s really easy to install. I used the USB method. It took me a couple of trials but at the end I could get everything working.

I did all that because I wanted to have the final cut, which is the industry standard for editing, without having to pay outrageous money for a new hardware. I am a PC guy and in order to buy an used Mac I would have to literally sell all my pcs and a couple of other things that I own and still get some money from someone else. Well, now I can say that I am a PC/MAC guy.

My suggestion for someone that wants to build a Hackinstosh is don’t do it. It’s not easy and it’s definitely not user friendly process. I know a lot about computers and I had a really hard time. If you have money to buy a Mac, go ahead and buy it. It’s worth every single penny. I wish I could have a Mac. A Mac computer is made to last more than any equivalent Frankenstein PC. But if for some reason you want to try, you can follow this simple steps.

I will write a summary of the steps.

1 – Hardware: Gigabyte ex58-UD5 , Intel quad core i7 920, Gskill F3-12800cl7t-6gbpi, Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+
2 – OS: Kakewalk 2.2 install, Snow Leopard 10.6 retail
3 – Software: Final cut 7, Color 1.5

4 – Make the USB using a working mac. follow instructions from kakewalk.
5 – Set the bios: Set HD to AHCI, Set boot from USB, set Hpet (following kakewalk instructions)
6 – Install osx
7 – Enjoy and when you have money buy the original, you won’t regret.

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