In this post there are a series of various collages inspired on distinct themes and each one with a unique emphasis.

Le me know what you think. Thanks.


“What we are made of?”
Inspiration: YouTube, everyday life.
Emphasis: Color
Feb 2010.

“Deep Balance”
Inspiration: Sid, the science kid-PBS.
Emphasis: Lines
March 2010

“Nothing News”
Inspiration: CNN.
Emphasis: Texture
March 2010

“Looking to the future”
Inspiration: Waste Land – Brazilian Documentary 2010.
Emphasis: Position/Shape/Contrast
April 2010

“Crazy lines”
Inspiration: Shutter Island.
Emphasis: Mass
April 2010

Inspiration: Eyes wide shut.
Emphasis: Harmony
May 2010

“Los Mighty”
Inspiration: LACC.
Emphasis: Proportion
May 2010

“Tasty Blood”
Inspiration: Top Chef – Bravo.
Emphasis: Variation
April 2010

“A little of everything”
Inspiration: Works of 2010.
Emphasis: Perspective and movement
May 2010

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