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  • Budget Forms for indie Producers

    Hello dear filmmaker, if you are puling together a no-budget, low-budget, or high-budget project you need to start with a blank budget. No matter how big or small your project is, you always need to have a budget to keep you in track of everything. One of the most famous software to create and manage […]

  • Scenechronize and Movie Magic Scheduling to go

    There are 2 software that I need to post something about it. Both are for the field of Assistant directors. The last 2 films that I worked (April Apocalypse and Lost Souls) I used this software called Scenechronize (more information please visit It is based on cloud computing technology, where by all your data […]

  • Integrate Movie Magic Scheduling with Google Calendar

    So I receive a couple of messages asking how I created this integration between Movie Magic Scheduling and Google Calendar. Instead of answering one by one, I decided to create this tutorial that teaches how to do the integration. The process is pretty simple. We have to create a CSV file using Movie Magic Schedule. […]

  • Single chip camera evaluation – Cine Gear Expo

    Bob Primes, ASC produced a documentary that evaluates the new wave of single large chip cameras. This documentary was showed at the Paramount theaters during the Cine Gear Expo of 2011. Bob Primes, Image Quality Geeks I was there for the screening and also could watch a Q&A with the producer Bob, cinematographer Stephen Lighthill, […]

  • New website based on WORDPRESS!!!!

    In this post I will go over all the great features that I have on my new website, as well how I built it, explaining the step by step, so anyone could build their own WORDPRESS site. I had a BLOGSPOT website where the design limitations were upsetting. Changing to WORDPRESS not only gave me […]

  • Side by side comparison – AF100, FS100, F3, 5D

    The new wave of large chip cameras Hello all, The fast explosion of DSLR shooting speed it up the development of large chip camcorders. Today the major video camcorder manufacturers are fighting for the best large chip cameras. There are 2 options in the market for the prosumer level and one option for the entry […]


    I finally got a perfect working version of my HACKINTOSH system. It took me a couple of months but I could get my PC to run a Mac OS with a working Final cut 7, plus Color 1.5. The way that I did was first getting the right components. The motherboard that I bought was […]