Comic Con with HBO

This Summer I did amazing projects and one of them was working with HBO at the Comic Con. I graduated with Fernanda Leite and since the school time she was working for HBO. Today she is a big time producer that call the shots and (knowing that I was living in LA) she invited me to work for them at the Comic Con in San Diego.

The convention is the city biggest event. People from all over the world go there and the small city of San Diego gets very crowded. Comic Con is not about comic books only. It’s a convention that now incorporates movie releases, video games, fashion, rpg games, celebrities, panels about all kinds of different subjects, costume competition, and much more.

My work there was to register everything possible and show the essence of the convention to the Latin American market. I was working with Albert Vinicius who was the directors of photography. He was guiding me through what we needed as far as visuals and feeling. There was Fernanda Leite e Eduardo Zaca who were the producers and reporters of HBO. I did an exclusive with Wesley Snipes and I had the pleasure to meet the artist who draws Spy vs Spy and the artist who draws Conan. I even bought from him a specific picture of Conan as a gift to my brother.

To make the 5 days of work even better, my wife came to San Diego and we spent 3 days together. We had dinner at very good restaurants and she went one day to the Convention with a badge that I got from a guy who worked with me on another gig.

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